Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Next Steps:

Ok, so my next favorite step is to create the background, first I rip and arrange the scrapbook paper how I like it, then I attach it with a big brush and loads of gel medium. Then with a brayer I attach the pretty face, making sure there are no bubbles. I love how this looks when finished, it's matte, it's crisp, it's colorful. A BIG thanks to Ms. Abbie from http://www.percyandbloom.com/the-vintage-moth/ for the postcard I included in my new piece here.


  1. Cool technique...love the mixed background you've created!

  2. Hi Carmen,
    Thank you so much for the link. :) Your art piece is wonderful! I absolutely love your portrait style. Very nice!
    I think you have inspired me to create a Flickr group for The Vintage Moth so people can post pics of their creations.
    Thank you!
    Percy & Bloom