Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why am I bloggin' ??

Hello friends!
As you know I started making jewelry about a 18 months ago, and to share pictures I decided to start this blog. And seeing so many amazing artists blew me away. Slowly and strangely I picked up paint brushes and started painting. The jewelry was easy to sell, the paintings? what to do with them? Hmm, don't care. It feels right, just paint, enjoy it. So here I am, but really who really cares about this humble blog?

TEN Followers, thank you Ms. Tina for your interest in my blog. I will try to post more often.

A huge HUG to all my kind followers!! ♥♥



  1. Carmen, I'm going to put a button in my sidebar, let's see if you get more traffic with that. I didn't see many followers until someone did that for me.

    And *I* care about your blog!

  2. Hola Carmen!
    no te desanimes, las visitas irán aumentando, es cuestión de tiempo.
    Es bonito tener un blog para poder compartir y tener una ventana abierta al mundo :)
    Muchos besos!!

  3. Stephanie,
    You are such a dear friend, and your comment warmed my heart. It really wasn't my intention to whine :) or to feel sorry for myself. I should have been more clear. I meant that just when I think nobody is really looking I get a new dear follower ♥
    THANK you so much for adding me to your side bar. I will explain soon why I use a picture of that bracelet. Hugs.

    Querida Lyn,
    Yo deberia de estar preguntandote Como te fue el fin de semana? en vez de escribir para lamentarme. No era mi intencion el llorar por mi misma :) Me sorprendo cuando pienso que nadie me visita y veo de repente una nueva persona que me sigue como follower. Gracias for tus palabras que me animan ♥ Abrazos.

  4. Let me know if you want me to use another graphic, I've always thought it was beautiful.

    *hugs back*