Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moon Bathing

A question to all the amazing artist out there:
If you decide not to persue selling your pieces, what do you do with your art? Do you hang it all over your home? Do you give it away? Do you store it?
Thank you for your comments :D


  1. That is the million dollar question, isn't it.
    I just keep making, people tell me I need an etsy shop, pricing is such a pain. I would rather give away a piece that I knew someone really loved.
    I do have my creations all around and enjoy them.
    When I gardened more I never worried about 'where' I would put a plant ... same goes for art :)

  2. That's a good ?.When I used to make jewelry I tried selling it on etsy but it was alot of work taking photos,writing descriptions.I sold more to family and friends.Now I have been accumilating more finished projects again so I've been thinking what should I do with it all.I might try etsy again,I love buying things there,just never sold much.I agree the hardest part is the pricing.

  3. Beautiful work! Wow, that is a big question...I think artists certainly like to keep some of their work of course. I also like to give to friends and family as gifts...sometimes something inspires you and create art for that purpose.