Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunshine - Again

Last weekend over mother's day I was kinda depressed. I know rain is good, and glorious. But I can't help feeling cheated when weekends are cloudy. All I need is the sun to feel optimistic and energetic. This morning we went to the flea market and I found a couple of Ladies' Almanacs from 1938 and 1939! and finally found a set of Mexican lottery game (more on this later).

When we returned home the sun started to shine and I was happy, again. I feel obligated to enjoy it, lol, so I took my journal and a few art supplies to my back yard sanctuary. Did not feel much like writing, so i wanted to draw, just doodle my curly Q's, then a  face over that, very unusual for "neat-freak" me, and what fun to see the results!

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  1. Me alegro que te sientas mejor!
    La pintura del journal es muy bonita y original :) Un abrazo muy fuerte!!!

  2. Oh, I totally agree that the sun makes such a difference :) Lovely drawing, it's nice to let loose and just doodle away :)

  3. hOLA!


    Que tal! Gracias por la visita! Soy de Puerto rico but born in NYC. Living in CT out in the country which I love.

    Un abraso! mua mua!!