Sunday, May 2, 2010


I so love Spring 2010!
We had a harsh winter, luckily it was also very wet. Now, here in south Texas, is sooo very green and gorgeous, the skies are blue and there is a pleasant breeze. But don't be jealous, the heat will be here too soon and it will be unbearable to be outside, along with "vampire" mosquitoes not too far behind. That's why I've been trying to take advantage of every possible free moment to enjoy my backyard. This morning while my family slept I was in paradise, here is the proof:

I was so very happy, journaling, drinking coffee, and listening to my mp3 player. **Sigh **

Thanks for visiting my garden : )


  1. A mi también me encant la primavera, es muy agradable poder estar fuera con el sol, pero sin el calor agobiante. También tenemos el problema de los mosquitos, sobre todo el mosquito tigre, que vino de las selvas de sudamérica y ahora es una auténtica plaga!
    Esos "journals" parecen fantásticos :)
    Un abrazo!!

  2. Looks gorgous....I too love to soak up these rare moments!
    Deborah x

  3. Wow, what a lovely place to work...beautiful...I like that contrast in the piece super bright blue! :)

  4. Gracias, Thank you, and Grazie (sp)!
    My dear, dear friends from Spain, England, and Italy!!! have visited my humble blog. I send you my most affectionate hugs : )
    Much luv,

  5. Hola Carmen Gracias por la visita! Love to meet new artists. I love to sit out in the sun soaking in all the brilliance. I did that today! It was beautiful. I'm sending you lots of sunshine your way.

    Love and an air hug to you from CT!

    Magaly Ohika