Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !

To all my visitiors, wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving !
And here is my latest piece, not a collage as it happens.


  1. Beautiful! The hair looks great! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too1

  2. Beautiful. As I have said before, I love your portraits.
    I will certainly keep following your blog.
    While my blog is a wordpress blog, when I click to follow you, it attaches to a blogger blog that I do not use, so it shows me as AdminCreativeCorner. I have too many names and avatars, sorry for the confusion. It took me a while to find myself.

  3. I adore this portrait. Her curly hair pulls me in. LOL. And her brown eyes. And the questions I see in her hair and eyes.


    Behind me Dora the explorer is talking about magical spells. I think this woman has cast a spell on me!

  4. Each girl has a distinctive personality. Cool. :)

  5. Thank you ladies!
    The morning after I completed this piece, I looked at it and noticed that she does look ethnic. It's rewarding to see my figures take their one personality and appearance on their own :D

    I appreciate your encouraging comments!

  6. beautiful! i love the movement in the hair.