Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marie !

Just doodling and playing in my journal, Marie showed up! Then I was surprised at how pretty she looks. ThEn I ruined her by adding the "blond" curls. I wanted to show her "real" hair escaping her big wig, but they are too big and too orange, and in the wrong place... oh well.

Also I used to make silver jewelry, I was the Silver Artisan, and made this bracelet Marie inspired.

This morning, sweet JulieAnn shared with us a wonderful blog with a free e-zine with enough Marie art for a year's worth of inspiration! Love it!

Thanks for Visiting !


  1. oh oh oh I looooooooooooove Marie -- she's beautiful -- and the silver piece in Marie inspriations LOVELY! I just love the shading you got on her skin, face and neck... what fun!

  2. I do not think she is ruined at all.
    Beautiful and the bracelet is incredible.
    Thank you for sharing the other links.

  3. Love your bracelet!

    You say you "used to" make jewelry---why have you stopped??

  4. oooo Marie is gorgeous and so delicate looking ... her earrings are very lovely too!
    You are an artist with many talents!

  5. I think the blone curls add a really interesting element and I think it works really welL! isn't it funny how we all see things differently?

  6. Thank you ladies, for your kind, sweet words. Haven't been able to post lately, but I've seen your lovely comments and appreciate it greatly :D

  7. i don't believe in "ruined" art! she turned out just the way she wanted to. the jewelry is beautiful.

  8. Yes, she is beatiful, I love the curls, too! They are a mistake only for you.

    Love the bracelet!