Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital ArT

I used to do all my scrapbooking digitally. I also used to make Publisher newsletters for my girl scout troop. Those were fun times and I had more pics than I could manage : )
Recently thru Ms. Abbie from the Vintage Moth I learned about the wonderful Shadowhouse Creations   , and I've been drawn back to the digital world (Photoshop Elements 6). This afternoon, as my daughter and I walked our little Chihuahua, I took some  marvelous photos after a rainy afternoon. We have so much vegetation around here that it really feels like a jungle... in Texas, LOL.
So I combined a couple of pics with an "overlay" effect and look at the results. My daughter has gorgeous blue eyes that just spark in this pic that she was not happy to pose for : ). The overlay is a picture of the foundation of our house!


  1. Parece estupendo Carmen! Yo me tengo que poner con el Photoshop, todavía no me defiendo lo suficiente, me dais una envidia las personas que sabéis sacarle partido :)

  2. Ooo, very cool! I am also trying to get into digital collage and learning more... it's very fun to be able to experiment and do a lot of different things, but at the same time having the undo button - so different from actually painting, you know?!