Sunday, April 11, 2010

Proto-types for Market Dayz!

Hi there, I'm working on making jewelry and totes featuring transfers of my paintings. I'll be posting my "proto-types" as I complete them.

To be honest, I go back and forth. I find myself the happiest when I'm painting. I do enjoy other crafts, like jewelry and collaging. But not anywhere near as much as painting. So I'm also considering just painting my heart's desire and then make several prints to sell at the Market Dayz. I was thinking that jewelry and bags being more practical and affordable would be a good idea to make and sell. But then I think why spend my precious time making bags when I can be painting, who cares about  selling? really. So then why participate in the event if I don't care about selling? ay ay ay.

Your input will be greatly appreciated ♥


  1. Hola Carmen! Estos prototipos están muy bien, me gustan mucho :) Es buena idea tener prints y algún otro soporte de tu arte, como collares o bolsos, porque atrae a más gente y también mirarán tus cuadros.
    Pero si no disfrutas mucho haciéndolos,quizás no merezca mucho la pena. Depende de tu objetivo final, si quieres que sea un poco "un negocio" o simplemente un placer :)

  2. Gracias Eva, tienes razon debo de decidir mis motivos. Aprecio tu amistad !

  3. I love doing art shows, but then wonder the same. Wouldn't I rather be creating than spending time selling. However, when people buy the items and tell me how much they love it, it makes it all worth while! Love your take on your art by making it practical too!