Saturday, April 24, 2010


The people in San Antonio love to party. Earlier this year we had the Rodeo, now it's Fiesta time. Us being suburban folks don't usually partake in the festivities. This weekend I was planning on staying home and working on my new art journal, but last night my wonderful friend asked if I wanted to go to the King William Fair which is part of Fiesta . I agreed simply because my friend it's so much Fun!

Well, we had a great time. I was transported to a gorgeous, old, victorian neighborhood. The day was super sunny, the bluest sky, the streets lined with gigantic old trees. I was in heaven! Amazing artist displaying their creations. So very perfect.

We also visited the Steves Homestead Museum and it was so interesting, here is a pic:

I love to see so much beauty in our own "backyard", but feel bad that I hadn't explored earlier : )


  1. Hola Carmen! He mirado los links y parece que son unas fiestas geniales,debes de habértelo pasado muy bien. Además con el buen tiempo siempre apetece salir.
    Entiendo que te haya hecho sentir un poco mal no haber visitado antes ese estupendo museo, porque a mi también me pasa aquí en Barcelona. El otro día pasé por delante de la casa Batlló de Gaudí ( y pensé que tenía que ir un día a visitarla, está en mi ciudad y no he ido nunca!

  2. I STILL want to visit it San Antonio!!

  3. Friends,
    When you do visit let me know and I'll be happy show you around :D